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About Roügue Productions

Whether you venture to one of our unique productions or hire us for photography/videography services, you're sure to encounter an unforgettable experience while feeling 100% comfortable and safe.

Life is way too short to settle for the mundane and ordinary when instead you can be fully immersed in life and let it inspire you to try new, adventurous and diverse things.  Encounter what our events provide… unique, one of a kind, out of the box experiences. Be engaged in our photographic process as you undergo the transformation from vision to a fully executed photo session.

Married business partners of over 22 years, we are constantly working hard to provide you with the best event and photographic experiences we can possibly give. We've had the amazing opportunity to travel, interact with and learn from individuals around the world and doing so has adjusted our views of different cultures and business practices which gives us a genuinely unique perspective and vision. This vision has allowed for successful execution of prior projects and continues to open doors to more fun and exciting opportunities to explore in the future.

We'd Love to Work With You!

From quirky casual events to high-end formal black tie affairs, we strongly believe that success comes from always paying attention to the finest of details. We look forward to working with you!

We love to collaborate with our large network of artists, entertainers, photographers, make-up artists, models, videographers and other business partners. We use our extensive contact list and skills to create exclusive events with immersive experiences that everyone enjoys.

Break the rules of normality, Go Roügue!

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