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Duality 2: Alter Ego

Saturday, February 09, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Approximate date: February 2019

Title of event: DUALITY 2– ALTER EGO

Duality2-Alter Ego lingerie fashion show is unique celebration of every woman's two facets, the dueling sides to her persona, one soft, carefree, elegant and the other bold, strong and undeniably sexy. We explore these "lighter" and "darker" sides of her sexuality with a high-end luxury lingerie fashion show that encourages guest participation by joining in dressed as your "Alter Ego." Come and explore this RoĆ¼gue Productions one of a kind event that includes artistic performances, a two-part runway show (light side and dark side) and after party.

This event is sure to shake up Tampa's fashion scene once again and deliver a memorable night that is sure to seduce and tantalize Tampa's more imaginative and artistic crowd.



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